About Cyndi


I’ve spent nearly twenty years in operational and administrative roles and I’ve been lucky enough to do just about everything. Every role I’ve had has required me to be an expert in a lot of things, and I’ve taken that responsibility very seriously over the years. I bring an incredibly robust background to the table. I’ve worked in the government and private sector and bring a helpful perspective on government funding and grants.

I spent the last 6 years working in nonprofits and realizing that there was a major need in small nonprofits for operational expertise, but many smaller and newer nonprofits just didn’t have the capacity to get the help they needed to truly elevate their mission.

I started my consultancy in order to fill that gap. I want to provide that expert level support to nonprofits who are making our community better, more vibrant, and more interesting by helping them get their basic budgets and operations in order and help set up a solid foundation for getting funding to grow.

Your work isn’t going to look exactly like anyone else’s. So I won’t be making cookie-cutter systems for you. I’ll work with you to create scalable, customizable, flexible systems for your operations.

I bring over a decade of expertise (and passion) in the following areas:

*Budget Management

*Project Management

*Grant writing and applications

*Contract Process Management

*Invoicing Systems

*Government Contracting and Reporting


Founding principals

  • Honest Communication

  • Obsessive Organization

  • Easy to integrate systems

  • Scalable solutions

Cynthia Lopez-Spencer - Principal

Cynthia Lopez-Spencer - Principal