HOw Can you help my organization?

Getting the basics right.

It’s the secret to any successful nonprofit and it’s the piece that so many new nonprofits overlook.

I can help you create a solid foundation to grow from so you can successfully go after funding, and manage it successfully.

Do you only work with non profits?

No! As a successful small business owner, I am knowledgeable in starting and running a small business, although nonprofits are my passion.

What packages do you offer?

While some clients will want to have access to me on an hourly basis, that might not fit your organizations needs. I also have a suite of packages available for specific, time-bound tasks including:

  • Internal policy manual development and writing

  • Budget tracking & development

  • Operational assessments and audits

  • Grant writing and applications

  • Funding management systems for government and foundation grants

Any other questions?

Contact me! Let me know how I can help your team work better.